Fast And Easy To Build

The IQbloc system is simple, fast and designed to prevent human and technical errors and omissions. Compared to other systems, it is three to four times faster to build, making it an efficient building method. In just eight hours, two workers can build 60-100 m² of wall. For comparison, a hollow brick wall of 15-25m² would take the same amount of time.

The IQbloc system doesn’t require cranes to build. Instead, most often a portable concrete pump is used for pouring concrete, making it a convenient and economical option. Additionally, it’s infinitely fast way to make ventilation, electric, and plumbing installations with a hot knife.

One of the significant advantages of the IQbloc system is that it reduces the building weight in high-rise constructions and Penthouses significantly. This feature can provide added benefits, such as reduced construction costs, improved structural integrity, and at best, the construction of one additional floor.

Strong Walls Joined With Slabs

The IQbloc system creates an earthquake-resistant “cage,” resulting in a reinforced concrete house that is highly durable and built to last. Thanks to the combination of concrete and steel bars, the double insulated IQbloc walls are thinner than traditional walls with insulation, providing additional space while maintaining structural integrity.

The use of steel bars within the IQbloc walls provides exceptional strength and stability, which is essential in areas prone to natural disasters. In addition, the reinforced concrete frame inside the IQbloc offers exceptional protection against fire, vermin and other hazards, making it a safe and secure choice for homeowners.

Overall, the IQbloc system provides an excellent option for those looking for a durable and long-lasting fully insulated concrete house. With its design and robust construction, it provides security and living comfort for you and your family.

What Is A Safe Home

A safe home offers a residential environment that is free from humidity and mold, as well as increased durability that allows it to last much longer than traditional homes. Furthermore, it should be airtight and weatherproof, capable of withstanding natural disasters such as heavy rains, hurricanes, and other factors like corrosion, fire, insects, and pests.

Fire Protection
Reinforced Concrete is tougher and less flammable than wood or hollow bricks, so if there is a fire, you and your family will be much safer in an IQbloc home. The IQbloc wall’s concrete core combined with non-toxic, fire retardant expanded polystyrene foam provides a fire protection rating of up to four hours.

Wind Resistance
IQbloc homes can be designed to withstand winds of 216 kilometers an hour or even more. This technology means even the strongest windstorm is unlikely to cause cold drafts, so you can enjoy a more comfortable indoor climate and you will spend less on heating your home.

Increased Stability
Over the years, an increase in seismic activity has led to more earthquakes all over the world and even in Malta. An IQbloc system provides better seismic resistance for your building/home thanks to the concrete core and steel reinforcement connection between the wall and slab/roof.

Thankfully, the IQbloc system meets all of these requirements and can help you to ensure a safe and secure home.

Towards Zero Energy Buildings

IQbloc is an innovative building system that delivers exceptional thermal insulation, significantly reducing energy consumption and costs. With a U-value of only 0.18 – 0.25 W/ m²K, IQbloc surpasses the required thermal insulation level in Malta, which currently stands at 0.57 W/ m²k. This remarkable difference is reflected in your energy bills, allowing you to save money year after year.

The European Parliament approved its stance on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) on 14 March 2023, setting out a more ambitious position ahead of negotiations with EU countries:

  • New buildings must be emission-free from 2028
  • New public sector buildings should be emission-free by 2026.
  • Residential buildings should achieve at least energy efficiency class E by 2030 and energy efficiency class D by 2033.

IQbloc together with IQdeck is the most economical solution to the EU Parliament’s goals for achieving Zero Energy Buildings. When building with IQbloc and IQdeck, you can ensure that your building or home already meets the highest energy efficiency standards, and at the same time, help reduce your carbon footprint and minimize your environmental impact.

In addition to reducing energy consumption and costs, IQbloc also provides excellent insulation against external factors such as extreme weather conditions. With IQbloc double insulation, you only need to cool or heat the inside air, not the brick walls, resulting in even greater energy savings and a more comfortable living environment.

Overall, IQbloc is a wise investment for those looking to build an energy-efficient, sustainable home or apartment that can provide long-term benefits and cost savings.

The fact about IQbloc’s double-insulation power. Energy consumption only €976 in 17 months!

Contrary To Extra Cost

Despite IQbloc’s many benefits when comparing the final, total construction costs, the difference to the traditional Maltese building method is +/-5% depending on the project.

We dare to say that by building with IQbloc and IQdeck, everyone wins developer, builder, resident and nature. We measure these gains in time, financial, quality, energy efficiency and environmental aspects.

Less is more. When building with IQbloc and IQdeck, it means fewer work steps with significantly fewer heavy machines. For example, Tower cranes are most often not needed. As well, separate lintels above the doors and window openings are not needed separately. They are made with IQbloc on site simply by adding steel rebars inside IQblocs.

Think, would you rather use Hollow bricks weighing 6,600 kg instead of IQbloc weighing 88 kg for construction every day? Of course, it must be noted that the concrete is pumped into the IQbloc, but the heavy work is done by the machine.

IQbloc offers remarkable savings in labour costs during construction. The simple structure requires fewer dismantling and work phases with fewer shutters, resulting in reduced labour requirements.

Additionally, the shortened building time of several months means higher financial activity and faster cash flow. As well shorter building time allows the residents to move in several months earlier.

Furthermore, IQbloc’s double insulation leads to considerable annual savings in energy costs for the resident. Ultimately, this translates to a higher sales price for the property due to the better quality and energy efficiency of the construction.

All these and many other IQbloc details mean that less is more.

A Higher Standard Of Living With IQbloc

The IQbloc system not only offers practical benefits but also enhances the overall living quality of the house or apartment. With IQbloc, architects and builders have greater design freedom and can create unique features such as curved walls and stairs. The result is a home that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

One of the key advantages of the IQbloc system is that it helps to create a comfortable living environment. Thanks to the double insulation provided by the system, residents can enjoy a steady inside temperature range throughout the year. This means that they can avoid the discomfort of extreme heat or cold and can also reduce their reliance on heating and cooling systems.

Another important aspect of living quality is sound insulation, and IQbloc excels in this area as well. With IQbloc exterior and interior walls, residents can enjoy peace and quiet in their homes, as the system provides excellent sound insulation that blocks out noise from traffic, neighbors, or construction work nearby.

Lastly, the benefits of IQbloc are not limited to specific types of buildings. The system can be used in almost all types of buildings, including multi-story buildings, houses, penthouses, air spaces, and even pools with curved walls. This makes it a versatile and effective solution for improving living quality across a wide range of properties.

Sustainability And Environment

IQbloc is not only an excellent solution for building durable, energy-efficient, and safe homes but also promotes sustainability and a healthier environment. Made of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), which is commonly known as “Jablo” in Malta, IQbloc is easy to work with and reduces onsite waste, dust, and noise during construction. Additionally, IQbloc recycles clean waste material by collecting them back to the manufacturing process, minimizing their impact on the environment.

The use of ICF as IQbloc in building construction also helps to obtain the highest rating within the Green Guide to Housing Specifications (in Great Britain), ensuring that the buildings meet the most stringent environmental standards. Moreover, our products have a low carbon footprint, which makes them more sustainable and eco-friendly option compared to other building materials.

Other advantages of IQbloc and IQdeck are that they are made in Malta, reducing the need for importing building materials and promoting local production and employment opportunities. By choosing IQbloc and IQdeck for building construction, individuals and organizations can contribute to a sustainable future and protect the environment while enjoying the benefits of durable, energy-efficient, and safe buildings/homes.

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